Superlift LX 4,400 lbs. Capacity

Superlift LX 2024 Construction Hoist

Superlift LX 2024 in single-cage operation

Superlift LX for personnel and materials

The Superlift LX of Böcker equally combines compact dimensions with surpassing performance and is attractively priced. Depending on the size of the cabin as well as on the model, this rack and pinion hoist has a load-bearing capacity of up to 2.3t or offers sufficient space for up to 12 persons. Powerful engines ensure lifting speeds up to 40 m/min depending on the model. Having a maximum lifting height of 200 m, the Superlift LX is well-prepared even for extremely challenging projects. For the design of this hoist, Böcker included well-proven technologies and combined them in a completely new model.

Especially regarding control technology, the Superlift relies and well-proven and sophisticated Böcker technologies to set the standard on the market. By using a PLC control, all limit switches of the hoist can constantly be monitored. Faults or operating errors are immediately recorded and can be read out from the display (optional). A complex wiring is not applicable either.

Modular platform configuration and compatible mast system

Rack and Pinion Construcion Hoist Configurations

Possible platform configurations of the Superlift LX

The modular platform concept which can also be found among other Böcker construction hoists equally ensures a high degree of versatility. By attaching additional modules, the standard platform of the LX (1.40 x 1.70 m) can be enlarged up to a maximum size of 1.40 x 5.10 m. Doors, ramps and closing walls ensure an individual adaption of the base unit to each project. A convenient C-Door with extremely low exit height (approx. 60 cm) and an optional roof are equally available for the Superlift LX 2024. In addition to that all doors and ramps are characterised by convenient operation and a high degree of safety.

The LX is equipped with galvanised masts which are compatible to other mast systems to ensure a high degree of variability. As for the well-proven GIANT Lift the choice is left to the customer whether to operate the Superlift LX with one or two cabins on one mast system. Upon request it is even possible to run two cabins with different platform sizes on the same mast. So the new LX can be individually tailored to the requirements on the construction site.

Great Performance to the Last Detail

rack and pinion hoist twin-cage operation

Superlift LX 2040 in twin-cage operation

Down to the last detail the new Böcker LX series impresses by thought-out equipment. A modern rotary switch, for instance, offers surpassing convenience especially during long rides. A cost-saving permanent lubrication reduces tear and wear on rack and pinion significantly. Furthermore tandem rolls ensure high running smoothness and ideally top off the strong performance of the LX. The new rack and pinion hoist its strengths best when operating on narrow construction sites. As soon as two hoists are required on-site, the Böcker Superlift LX is always the best choice.

Superlift LX Details

Rack and Pinion Hoist Tandem Rolls

Tandem rolls for surpassing running smoothness

Rack and Pinion

Minimum wear of rack and pinion

Rack and Pinion Hoist Lubrication

Cost-saving permanent lubrication

Rack and Pinion Hoist Tower

Mast system compatible to other models

Rack and Pinion Hoist Doors and Ramps

Safe locking of all doors and ramps

Rack and Pinion Hoist PLC Control

PLC control in easy accessible switch box

Rack and Pinion Hoist Diagnosis System

Diagnosis system with display (optional)

Rack and Pinion Hoist Controls

Rotary switch for high operational convenience

Superlift LX Specifications

 Superlift LX Technical Specifications
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