History of Bocker Hoists

BockerThe 1950s

1958 Foundation of Albert Böcker as a small metalworking and forging operation in a rented barn in Werne, production of equipment for farming, cage wheels, feeding gate; development of the first Schrägbauaufzuges for transporting tiles;

The 1960s

1961 Construction of the first production hall behind the house of Böcker family; production of debris chutes 1962 First delivery abroad (Austria), delivery of the first flash elevator 1964 Delivery of 1,000. Elevator 1965 Move to the current position in the Lippestraße 69 The first hall has a size of 3000 m² 1969 Development of the elevators so that they could be mounted on truck chassis

The 1970s

1970 Sales of 5,000. Inclined lift 1972 First container delivery to the U.S., now exporting to 12 countries; introduction of the first fully hydraulic lift on a trailer or truck 1973 The company is transformed into a GmbH & Co. KG 1974 Delivery of 10,000 elevator; presentation of the first elevator for moves (furniture lift)

The 1980s

1980 Delivery of 15,000. Elevator 1981 Presentation of the first Bauaufzugs with knee joint 1983 25-year anniversary; Foundation of Robert Böcker GmbH, rental and sale of mobile passenger and goods lifts under the name ALP Lift 1987 Sale of the first compact ALP Personnel Lifts PHC 1989 Presentation of the first aluminum truck crane specifically for roofers

The 1990s

1990 Robert Böcker is the new Managing Director; building a dealer network of service stations in the former GDR as well as establishment of a subsidiary in Leipzig 1992 Delivery of the 25,000 inclined lift 1996 initial certification according to DIN ISO 9000 1997 Presentation of the first aluminum crane on a trailer; joining the firm Rober Böcker GmbH System Lift AG; death of company founder Albert Böcker

The 2000s

2000 New direction at the Mietservicestation Lippestr. 73 2001 New construction crane assembly hall, opening branches in Munich and Kassel 2002 Sales of 20,000. ALP Lift 2003 Establishment of Böcker Belgium NV 2005 Acquisition of H. Steinweg GmbH & Co. KG by the newly formed Steinweg-Böcker GmbH Construction, Opening of Böcker AG Switzerland 2006 Foundation of Böcker AG and Böcker Nederland BV, sales of 1,000. Aluminum crane 2007 Establishment of DMF Böcker France; awarded the Top Job Award 2007 2008 50 year anniversary Albert Böcker GmbH & Co. KG, an 25 year anniversary Robert Böcker GmbH 2009 Opening of the office in Waghaeusel

The 2010s

2010 Reopening of the Eastern Branch in Berlin merger of Albert Böcker GmbH & Co. KG, Steinweg-Böcker GmbH Construction and Robert Böcker GmbH Company to Böcker GmbH Machine premiere of Böcker Lifting World 2012 Presentation of the world’s most powerful crane trailer AHK 34/1800

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