Large Platform Hoists

MX 2024 three platform modules

Superlift MX1524/2024 – rack and pinion

The Superlift MX offers a little bit more of everything. More space, higher capacity and stronger variability – these are the particular strengths of the transport platforms Superlift MX 1524/2024. Equipped with all other strengths of the MX series, the lifts offer in different platform configurations enough capacity for up to 2,000kg material. Up to 12 persons can be transported with the dual-mast lifts alternatively which equals a surplus of up to 70 % compared to traditional transport platforms.

For the Superlift MX, safety plays a decisive role like for all other Böcker lifts. Configured as transport platform for material, the dual-mast lift complies already to a large extent with the requirements of the EN 12159. Furthermore powerful safety brakes ensure maximum protection at every ride.

Large Platform Construction Hoists

MX 2024 with perpendicular assembly and two modules

Large Platform Hoist with Two Sections

MX 2024 with parallel assembly and two modules

Construction Hoist with One Section

MX 1524 paralell with a single platform module

Unsurpassed versatility by modular platform concept

The complete Superlift MX series impresses in particular by its highly-versatile modular platform concept. The base unity which is well-known from the single-mast lift has a surface area of 1.70 x 1.40 m (LxW) can individually be extended for the dual-mast lifts. By assembling further platform modules, the Superlifts MX 1524/2024 can be adapted to any operation. Assembled perpendicularly to the façade the lifts can be extended up to o maximum length of 5.10m. In case of parallel assembly to the façade, the lifts can be expanded with further modules op to a total width of 4.50 m.

Construction Hoist Platform Perpendicular Configurations

Possible platform configurations for perpendicular assembly of the Superlift MX

Construction Hoist Platform Parallel Configurations

Possible platform configurations for parallel assembly of the Superlift MX

Precise landing-gate control

It is self-evident that the Steinweg-Böcker Superlifts MX 1524/2024 offer outstanding efficiency and convenience on any construction site. All landing gates are approached by switch cams. Therefore the lift always stops at exactly the same position and there is always an edgeless connection between platform and floor.

Construction Hoist Diagnostic System

Faults are displayed with an error code like in this case an open gate

Display with diagnostic system

Henceforth, the diagnostic system with display notification is available for the Superlift MX as optional feature. The completely new PLC control of the MX monitors all limit switches of the lift. Operators are notified of faults like an open loading gate via the display where all information can be read as text or as error code. This system ensures fast diagnostics and remedial actions.

Superlift MX-1524 & MX-2024 Details

Platform Transport Hoist Landing Gate

Landing gate with wide open ramp

Platform Transport Hoist Tandem Rolls

Tandem rolls for particularly quiet running

Platform Transport Hoist Rack and Pinion

Ideal lubrication of rack and pinion

Platform Transport Hoist Centralized Lubrication

Automatic centralized lubrication

Platform Transport Hoist Diagnostics

Display for quick diagnostics (optional)

Platform Transport Hoist Controls

Convenient control by rotary switch


Powerful safety brakes for emergency

Powerful Drive Unit

Powerful drive units (max. 40 m/min)

Superlift MX-1524 & MX-2024 Specifications

B0ocker MX-1524 and MX-2024 Technical Specifications



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