Bocker Transport Platform Hoist

The MX 1024 in operation

Superlift MX624/1024 – rack and pinion lift

The Superlifts MX 624/1024 are compact transport platforms for the transportation of persons and material. With single-mast configuration this well-known lift impresses particularly by the minimum required space during transportation and on-site as well. Consequently there is always enough space for the MX 624/1024 on virtually any construction site. The compact dimensions of the platform are tailor-made for the transport by truck and so the MX fits exactly on the loading area.

Despite the minimum required space the Superlifts impress by their particularly strong performance. Loads are carried with speeds of 24 m/min up to a maximum lifting height of 200 m without any problems. Depending on the project and especially for high buildings the lifting speed can be raised up to 40 m/min. The MX 624 has a maximum payload of 650 kg which equals 4 persons whereas the MX 1024 lifts up to 1,000 kg or 6 persons respectively.

The MX has proven its solid design in operations on various construction sites and impresses by strong reliability. Furthermore the lifts offer outstanding convenience, safety and efficiency. The convenient rotary switch facilitates operation considerably while the landing gates are approached by switch cams. Annoying differences of level can be avoided as the lift always stops at exactly the same position.

compact platform hoist dimensions

MX 1024 compact platform dimensions

Modular platform concept for all opportunities

The Böcker Superlifts MX 624/1014 impress by high versatility and adaptability due to the modular MX concept. The modular design of the lifts is a core strength of all lifts. The base unit (1,70 x 1,40 m) can be individually tailored at customers’ needs. Rotatable gates and ramps can be attached so that the MX can be individually adapted to the projects. Furthermore a later adaption is possible without any problems.

Display with diagnostic system

Henceforth, the diagnostic system with display notification is available for the Superlift MX as optional feature. The completely new PLC control of the MX monitors all limit switches of the lift. Operators are notified of faults like an open loading gate via the display where all information can be read as text or as error code. This system ensures fast diagnostics and remedial actions.

Superlift MX 624 & MX1024 Details

Superlift MX 624 & MX1024 Specifications



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