Bocker GIANT-Lift Hoists for Personnel and Materials

Bocker Giant Construction Hoist Brochure

The strong GIANT Lift is the new top model among the Böcker construction hoists which meets even the most complicated requirements on large construction sites. Having a maximum lifting height of 300 meters (higher upon request) and a maximum payload of 3.2 tons, the GIANT Lift is exactly the right partner for the most challenging projects world-wide.

The modern rack and pinion hoist has proved its durability on various construction sites. The first-class workmansh Dip as well as the extremely sophisticated technology ensure optimal performance and reliability even under extreme weather and operating conditions

The base unit of the GIANT Lift is particularly characterized by the modular design of the cabin. Single or twin cage operation are both possible at any time. Highly flexible door- and ramp systems ensure an optimal adaption to various construction sites. The cabin can be customized by assembling an optinal C-door on-site. The solid design as well as the use of extra strong and zinc-plated components result in an extremely long service life of the hoist.

Twin cage construction hoists

Twin-cage operation with two separate cabins

single cage construction hoist

Efficient operations even with numerous landings

power plant construction hoist

GIANT-Lift used for the assembly of power plants


Sophisticated control technology

Multilingual control panel

Multilingual clear-text navigation

The modern control system is one of the most important strengths of the GIANT-Lift. The intelligent microprocessor technology reduces dead times to a minimum level while it offers a maximum degree of operational safety. Like modern hotel lifts, these hoist are equipped with pre-selection of landings as well as a group control so that all rides can be ideally coordinated. Operation of the GIANT-Lift is particularly facilitated by the self-explaining, multilingual clear text navigation.

The floor control particularly impresses by its extremely versatile single-wire technology so adding further landing controls becomes extremely easy. The hoist always knows its current position due to a battery-buffed rotary encoder. So the approach of the landings does not need to be adjusted by time-consuming assembly of landing cams or check drives anymore. The door locking as well as the door position are electrically monitored at any time. All gates are locked mechanically. The unlocking is initiated automatically upon the arrival of the hoist on the respective floor.

VIP Controls

VIP Control

All protocols of the hoist control system are available via GSM at any time and from any place. In case of maintenance or errors, all relevant information can be read out by a service technician without any problem. This concept reduces downtimes considerably so that the GIANT-Lift ready for use again in the shortest possible time.


GIANT-Lift Details

The Böcker GIANT Lift offers more than just size and surpassing performance data. The largest Böcker rack and pinion hoist equally impresses by outstanding constructional details as well as helpful accessories.

The mast system is compatible to those of other manufacturers. Therefore the GIANT Lift can be used flexibly on many different construction sites. Due to the extremely low entrance on the base level safe loading and convenient access of the cabin is ensured.

The GIANT-Lift is powered by three engines. This concept ensures minimum wear and tear of rack and pinion. The electrical engines are connected by plugs like almost any other component. Therefore time-consuming wiring is not necessary anymore and the engines can easily be replaced.

Personnel and Material Hoist Lighting

Interior lighting

Personnel and Material Hoist Rack

Rack and pinion

Hoist Automatic Lubrication

Permanent lubrication

Personnel and Material Hoist Motors

Three electric motors

Personnel and Material Hoist Pluggable Connections

Easy replacement with pluggable connections

Personnel and Material Hoist Cabin Roof

Optional construction winch on cabin roof

Personnel and Material Hoist Cabin

Low loading height for convenient access to cabin

Personnel and Material Hoist Tower

Mast system compatible to other manufacturers

GIANT-Lift Specifications

 construction hoist giant lift specifications
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