Special Purpose Hoists for Personnel and Materials

industrial-liftsAnyone who has done construction on a high rise knows how useful a personnel and materials elevator can be. Getting personnel and materials directly to the job site quickly and safely can have a drastic effect, improving productivity, reducing damage to materials, increasing worker safety and boosting overall efficiency. These benefits can in turn speed construction time and lower a construction company’s bottom line, allowing them to provide a lower estimate to clients and clinch the job.   The same benefits can apply to any industrial plant requiring a permanent vertical access solution. A vertical lift moves personnel and materials more safely and efficiently to a work space. These lifts can be a boon for electric power plants, oil refineries, and mines. There are many different types of lifts and hoists for all sorts of applications. Metro Elevator provides a wide variety of elevators for lease and for sale. Here are some examples from Metro Elevator’s product line:

The Boecker (aka Böcker) GIANT-Lift Hoist

BoeckerGiantHoist This ultra-large construction hoist has a maximum lifting height of 984 ft. and is engineered and built for the most challenging projects. The cabins have lifting capacities up to 3.2 tons and provide sufficient space for up to 28 workers. Powerful engines ensure lifting speeds up to 197 ft. per minute while the sophisticated group control efficiently coordinates several hoists on-site. The Boecker GIANT-Lift becomes particularly useful for large and extended construction projects where large amounts of material (including oversized materials that don’t fit on a typical hoist). BoeckerGiantHoistSideDoor

Specially Modified Champion Single and Twin Car Hoists

Metro Elevator, with it’s fabricating shop, has successfully modified some of its Champion Hoist fleet into specially made 9 ft. tall cars to transport extra-long or extra tall materials that a standard hoist cannot. Metro also has modified the Champion hoist into a reduced length car so that it can fit in tight spaces that typically are not on the exterior of a building. Typically, these specially modified hoists are installed inside a power plant, oir refinery, or some other type of industrial application. Metro’s Reduced Length and Tall Car Hoists

Shortened length HoistsExtra tall 9 ft. Hoists


Explosion Protected Hoists

Metro Elevator provides retrofitting and customization to make any lift they provide better for your needs. This includes explosion-proof casings for construction hoists – an industry first for the types of lift Metro Elevator provides. This can help companies meet or exceed explosion protection requirements found on oil rigs and refineries, power plants, and nuclear power plants. Regardless of the modifications, these hoists still have a maximum passenger per car capacity of 30 men and 6,000 lbs. These Champion hoists are available for installation as either a single car or twin car. They utilize adjustable struts, with a maximum tower height of 900 feet and a maximum speed of 150 ft. per minute. Centrifugally actuated multiple friction disc brakes ensure total safety, acting as an overspeed governor. The high capacity and speed ensure speedy vertical access while increasing OSHA compliance for high-rise work (CA OSHA requires hoists for any construction over 40 ft.).

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No matter the parameters and specifications a construction job or industrial application requires, Metro Elevator has a hoist to suit the situation. That’s why Metro Elevator has been “getting its clients to the top since 1970” ™. If you are interested in exploring how Metro Elevator can improve your vertical access, click below to request a quote.

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