Space Required for a Construction Elevator

Champion US-60-1R Construction HoistWhen your company needs a construction hoist it is hard to beat a Champion US-60-1R or US-60-2R. Once you have determined your needs for a job site it will be necessary to choose which lift will best fill your needs. Both units have rack and pinion drive with a maximum tower height of 900 feet. The US-60-1R is a single car hoist and the US-60-2R is a twin car hoist. Space wise the dimensions of the tower sections and weight of the tower sections is different. US-60-1R has tower dimensions of 38″W x 28″L x 60″H and the US-60-2R has a tower dimensions of 56″L x 28″W x 60″H. The weight of the tower sections for the 1R is 300lbs and for the 2R 485lbs. Total base unit weight for the 1R is 15,656 lbs and for the 2R is 28,910 lbs. These rack and pinion elevators and hoists have a lot of advantages.

Advantages for installing a Construction Hoist:

  • No structural costs for machine room, hoist way requirements, no overhead loads and rack and pinion with reduce the size of steel supports.
  • Lower installations cost for faster installation for equipment that can be erected by crane.
  • Designed for outdoor use and can be stored outdoors after delivery. Unit can be located on exterior allowing more room for production.
  • Fewer mechanical costs with a single speed AC with VFD control, doors designed for fork lift traffic, no counter weights required for doors.
  • Improved protection from corrosion with hot dipped galvanized components.

space required for construction hoistWhen getting a site ready for delivery and installation of either of the construction hoist lifts keep the following in mind:

  • A flat bed tractor trailer will be there on the site for loading and unloading all components.
  • Room must be available for a crane to erect the hoist and for dismantling.
  • Have all obstructions to the area (equipment, construction materials, dirt piles, ect.) been moved out of the way for hoist installation?
  • A 12’W x 16’L x 10H” concrete pad or a level compacted area of the same size ready for the steel base pad needs to be ready.
  • 480V 100 amp service installed to a disconnect ready to go with the adjacent area to where the elevator will be installed.
  • There needs to be enough room not just for the delivery tractor trailer but a space equal to two more tractor trailers to off load the hoist equipment and leave enough room for the crane still to work.

For more information about the space required for a temporary elevator or construction hoist for your upcoming project, Contact Metro Elevator Co.  Metro leases, sells, and services construction hoists and temporary elevators nationwide in the USA.

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