Rack and Pinion Elevators

Rack and Pinion Hoist

What are they?
The drive assembly is installed directly on the car platform and the power comes from a motor driving a pinion gear. The gears operate individually on a stationary rack that is connected to a support tower.

Metro Elevator can sell or lease a rack and pinion elevator to your specifications with a wide range of cab sizes, various capacities, and with different control options. Each elevator has an over-speed safety device, which includes a governor-operated brake and a separate pinion which operate on the same rack. Rack and pinion elevators and hoists were designed to meet a variety of needs. They can move personnel and / or cargo in various industrial settings and are often used on the exterior of buildings. They are a perfect solution for temporary construction projects. Also known as rack and pinion lifts, Metro’s elevators meet or exceed all safety requirements and are an efficient method of vertical transport. They can be installed quickly and easily and are designed to be strong and sturdy, yet they are not permanent structures.

Rack and Pinion ElevatorHow Do They Increase Work Productivity During Construction or Renovation?

Rack and pinion elevators have been shown to not just operate safely but to also increase productivity. There are many advantages these types of elevators versus the basic traction style industrial elevator. For example, our elevators can be installed on the exterior of structures, which increase your available production space. When you’re working on a construction job with tight space, the last thing you want is to take up precious space with an interior elevator.

You also don’t need a machine room, you don’t need a hoistway and there is no need for overhead loads. The size of steel supports is reduced, which saves further space, and installing our rack and pinion elevators is done quickly and more cost effectively than waiting on the completion of the building’s permanently installed elevator. It’s easy to inspect our elevators for safety on a regular basis and they are safe to be used for evacuations if an emergency arises.

The choice is clear. If you have the need for a temporary elevator, if you need an exterior elevator – or both – then an Alimak or Champion Rack and Pinion Hoist or Elevator is the solution you need. To find out more about the cost of these high quality, cost effective and efficient elevators, simply click the button below. We look forward to working with you and showing you just how affordable – and effective – of our rack and pinion elevators are.

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  1. Randall Price October 7, 2021

    I am looking for a permanent, basic elevator that can lift people and a wheelchair to the second or third floor in a shop/lab type building. The location for the elevator is inside the building and is open (no elevator shaft). It can attach to the wall or nearby beams for support. It must also be easily operable by “anyone” just like in a standard elevator with no operator experience required. Do you have anything that would fit this description? I prefer something that will not require a pit for installation but am willing to consider that option as you recommend.

  2. Liam August 4, 2021

    Hi, I am an engineering student doing a small design project on rack and pinion hoists. While researching i came across your product and was very impressed. Do you have any material I could use to gain a better understanding on how the hoist mechanism works? I have to design my own hoist and do a structural analysis on it so any CAD files or engineering drawings would be a huge help.
    Kind regards,


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