Personnel and Material Hoists For Power Plant Maintenance

personnel and material hoistPlanned maintenance coming up for your power plant?

Major power companies across the USA to support their vertical transportation needs during a planned maintenance outage. Hoist leasing companies, such as Metro Elevator, will typically erect and dismantle one or more of its refurbished Champion US-60-1R hoists to do the job. These spacious hoists can transport up to 6,000 lbs. of materials or approximately 30 workers.

Options for Leasing a Personnel Hoist

Leasing a hoist is simple and virtually a turn-key process. Simply contact a hoist leasing company and request a quote. Things to consider before leasing:

  1. Determine how many weeks you will need your hoist in operation.
  2. Allow 1 to 2 weeks for hoist erection and 1 week for dismantle
  3. Allow the hoist leasing companies that you are considering to survey your job site. Many times, your hoist will require specially engineered upper platforms at certain landings or the hoist itself may need special tie-ins to support the tower.
  4. Plan for using a full-time hoist operator. Most hoist leasing companies can provide you an operator which can also perform the necessary maintenance and minor repairs thereby reducing potential downtime.

permanently installed hoist for power plantOptions for Purchasing a Personnel Hoist

Many power plant facilities have permanently installed industrial lifts. These lifts can be almost as small as a phone booth and carry a maximum of 3 workers or much larger to suit whatever needs you may have. There are also explosion protected industrial lifts available as well for permanent installation. Things to consider before purchasing a permanently installed hoist:

  1. Determine whethor or not leasing makes more economical sense if you only need the hoist during periodic power plant maintenance. Space for materials on a smaller permanently installed hoist may not exist as opposed to leasing a full-sized temporary hoist.
  2. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for erection. Permanently installed hoists typically take longer to install simply because they are subject to more stringent code requirements.
  3. Look into whether or not an explosion protected hoist is justifiable based on the potential for emergencies.

Get a free quote to purchase and/or lease an elevator for an upcoming planned outage on a power plant.

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