Metro Celebrates 40th Anniversary

2010 marks the 40th anniversary for Metro Elevator Co., Inc. as a temporary construction elevator hoist leasing business which offers nationwide turnkey rental services for all full sized man lifts. Metro’s in-house services include erection, dismantle, tower jumping, maintenance, and inspections for all Champion and Alimak personnel and material elevators). Metro’s slogan is “Getting Our Customers to the Top Since 1970™” and that is literally what they do for just about any structure that can’t use their regular elevators due to construction or renovation. Metro even provides buck hoists for industrial applications such as power plants, oil refineries, and gasoline refineries for whenever they have planned maintenance related downtime.

Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, Metro Elevator is competitive nationwide for installing temporary construction hoists and permanently installed industrial lifts in all 50 states. Metro is also recognized for being a leader in the industry in regards to hoist refurbishment. In fact, Metro has the capability of building a Champion Elevator US-60-1R from just the raw materials. Our Indianapolis production facility uses several highly experienced welders and painters. From their humble beginnings as a multipurpose elevator company to the specialized elevator installation and modernization company they are today, Metro Elevator has seen consistent growth through both good and bad times.

Metro Elevator has built partnerships all over the country, traveling from coast-to-coast installing and servicing special purpose elevators including the Indianapolis 500. In 1994, Metro Elevator owned eleven rental hoists. Sixteen years later, Metro Elevator now owns forty-five temporary elevators, more than quadrupling the company’s rental fleet. As Metro Elevator Services enters its 40th year of continuous business, it is a time of celebration and nostalgia for Charles Ernstes II, president of the company. “Looking back at all we’ve been through as a company gives me so much to be excited for as we look to the future” said Ernstes. “Our company has grown, expanded, and evolved from day one and there’s no reason that will ever change.” Over the last forty years, Metro Elevator has installed an estimated 25,000 feet of elevator tower, the equivalent of a 2,500 story building. Some of their current projects include elevator installations at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Ball State University, Indiana State University, and several Marathon and BP oil refineries. For more information on Metro Elevator you can call 800-464-7870 or visit

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