Metro Elevator rents and sells industrial hoists for both permanent and temporary applications.  We maintain a large construction elevator rental fleet which is ready for delivery and installation anywhere across the USA and Canada.  We’ve also done permanent installations in countries worldwide.  Our facility is centrally located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

industrial hoists About Our Industrial Hoists

industrial hoists (depending on the demographic region you are from) can also be known in the community as Man-Lifts, Buck Hoists, Temporary hoists, Material Lifts, Personnel Hoists, Personnel and Material Hoists, etc. but they all serve the same purpose…  They transport men and materials during the construction or renovation of high-rise buildings.  They can also be temporarily installed for scheduled maintenance projects for power plants and oil refineries.  In many situations, a construction hoist is the best solution for underground as well as above ground mining applications of any kind (coal, precious metals, iron ore, and the like). Many other industries use industrial hoists for full-time and permanent operations where their main purpose is to vertically transport men, equipment, and their materials quickly between from landing to landing or the ground to any landing above (or below for mining applications). There are three types of industrial hoists:

  1. Material-only Hoists – not designed to safely transport personnel, but have capacities to lift and lower up to 6,000 lbs. of materials or equipment
  2. Personnel Hoists – typically designed for a maximum capacity of 3 to 6 workers without the space for large materials like drywall or lumber
  3. Dual Rated – designed to carry both men and large materials up to 8,000 lbs. or 30 workers
industrial hoists with Twin Car

Twin Car Elevator

The industrial hoists we typically rent can have either one or two cars (cages) which move vertically along stacked mast tower sections for even the tallest structures. The mast sections are attached to the structure or building every 25 to 30 feet via a standard or specially designed tie-in when necessary.  The car travel for twin hoists can be done independently while using the same mast sections which improves the maximum desirability to move men and materials without causing decreased productivity due to wait times. Modern industrial hoists use a motorized rack-and-pinion system that climbs the mast sections at various speeds.  Lifting speeds vary depending on the make and model of the elevator.  For sky scrapers, we offer hoists that can travel up to 150 ft. per minute. Many of our industrial hoists are equipped with variable frequency drives (VFD).  Instead of push button operation, the operator uses a joystick and is able to control the speed of the elevator.  VFD hoists provide a much smoother ride and greatly reduces the chance for mechanical breakdown on working parts. industrial hoists will require a trained full-time operator in most situations unless the elevator is specifically for materials only vertical transportation.  Metro employes or can sub-contract trained elevator operators that answer directly to Metro if maintenance issues should arise.  Our operators are trained to get the elevator working ASAP when minor problems occur. Metro is a full service construction elevator company which will provide turn-key solutions for erection, dismantlement, and/or repair service for all makes and models including Champion®, Alimak®, and Bocker®. For more information about the type of construction elevator you may be looking for, please select any of the links which most describes the elevator you are looking for.  If you are needing help to decide which elevator best meets your needs, feel free to fill out our request quote form or just call Metro at 317-562-9833 or toll free 800-HOISTS-0 (800-474-7870) .

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