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Metro Elevator rents and sells construction lifts for both permanent and temporary applications. We maintain a large construction lift rental fleet which includes various types of equipment ready for delivery and installation anywhere across the United States and Canada. Our facility is centrally located in Indianapolis, Indiana and we employ personnel in Denver, CO. and Pittsburgh, PA.

About Our Construction Lifts

Some people will refer to our construction lifts as equipment that carry both personnel and materials, while others are specifically referring to a hoist that vertically transports materials only.  Regardless of they are called, they serve the same purpose: transporting men and materials or materials-only in a safe and speedy manner.

Our Construction Lifts can be temporarily installed for:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Dams
  • Mining

As stated before, Metro lease and install construction lifts for two types of applications:

  • Materials-Only – capacities to lift and lower up to 6,000 lbs. of materials or equipment, these are not designed to safely transport personnel
  • Personnel and Material – designed to carry up to 8,000 lbs. and large materials like drywall and lumber or a maximum of 40 workers

Construction Lifts with Twin CarOur construction lifts use a motor, brake and gear box with a rack-and-pinion system that climbs the mast sections at various speeds. Lifting speeds vary depending on the make and model of the elevator. If the construction lift is for materials only, they can travel up to 150 ft. per minute.  For material lifts designed to transport personnel, we offer lifts that can travel up to 300 feet per minute.

Our construction lifts that we typically lease can have either single or twin cabs which move vertically along tower sections no matter how tall the building. The tower sections are attached to the building or structure every 25 to 30 feet via a standard or specially designed tie-in. The cars for twin lifts can operate independently while using the same tower sections. This eliminates or reduces wait times for the lifts while moving men and materials and improving productivity.

If the lift is for personnel, they can be equipped with variable frequency drives (VFD). VFD lifts provide a much smoother ride and greatly reduce the chance for mechanical breakdown due to wear and tear on working parts. VFD’s also eliminate the need to “jog” hoist up and down because of their exceptional leveling accuracy. Material-only lifts typically do not come with variable frequency drives.

Regardles of whether the lift is for materials only or for both personnel and materials, they will require a trained operator in most situations unless the elevator is installed with automatic controls. If you select Metro as your lift’s operator provider, we instruct them to contact Metro directly if maintenance issues should arise. Our operators are trained to get the construction lift working as quickly as possible when minor problems occur without the need to call in a service technician.

Metro is a turn-key construction lift company which can provide solutions for erection, dismantle, repair and maintenance for all manufacturers including Champion®, Alimak®, Bocker®, Pega®, Patent®, Strohs®, and Avro®.

For more information about the kind of construction lift your job may require, please select any of the links above to help decide which type will best fulfill your needs.

If you need more assistance to choose the right elevator for your job, complete our request a quote form or call Metro at 317-562-9833 or toll free 800-HOISTS-0 (800-474-7870) .

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