Champion US-6002-1R

High Speed Single Car Construction Elevators for Lease

The Champion US-6002-1R is our high speed single car hoist used for leasing.

If your building is less than 10 stories high (or the equivalent of 100 ft service height), we recommend that you lease the Champion US-60-2R since a higher travel speed is not necessary due to the overal building height.

Champion US-6002-1R Single Car Construction Hoist

6000 lbs. Capacity High Speed Single Car Hoist

Champion US-6002-1R Specifications

Maximum passengers 30
Capacity 6,000 lbs (2722 kg)
Car Weight 6,600 lbs (2944 kg)
Maximum Car Speed 300 ft/min
Interior Dimensions 12’4” L x 4’8” W x 7’2” H (3.76m x 1.42 m x 2.18m)
Maximum Tower Height 900’ (274.32m)
Wall ties Adjustable Struts
Tie-in Intervals 30’ (9.14m)
Electrical Power 35 HP (26 kW)
Power Required 33 KVA, 480 VAC, 60 Hz , 3Ø
Full Load Current 39.5 Amps
Traveling Cable Multi-Conductor Type W – Tower Height Plus 30 Ft (9.14 m)
Brake Spring set, Electrical Release Multiple Disc Brake
Safety Overspeed Governor Centrifugally Actuated Multiple Friction Disc Brake
Emergency Lowering Manual Brake Release

Hoist Leasing and Installation Options

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Download and View Hoist Brochure

Champion US-60-1R Construction Hoist Brochure